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Special Edition: Conservatorships, #FreeBritney & Beyond

• 13 min

Today we’re talking about the #FreeBritney movement. It’s a lot more than just a hashtag. Popstar Britney Spears has been wrapped up in a legal battle over her conservatorship for a while now and new developments have been coming out every week. The conservatorship is an arrangement that’s given Britney’s father, Jamie, along with a licensed “conservator” control over her finances and other parts of her life since 2008. That arrangement was originally put in place because of concerns over Britney’s mental health and alleged drug use. But in the last few weeks, Britney has spoken in court. She says she's been exploited and bullied by the conservatorship for years. She says she’s been overworked without any breaks, forcibly medicated with lithium and kept from having more children. And she wants control over her life back. This whole saga has opened many people’s eyes to conservatorships for the first time and sparked a lot of conversations about personal freedoms. Today we’re talking to family law attorney Christopher Melcher, who has been following Britney’s case closely. He explains why conservatorships exist, how they work and his takeaways from the Britney Spears case. This episode is brought to you by and Get ad-free episodes by becoming an insider:          

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