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Special Edition: 'Molly' as Medicine? Psychedelics & PTSD

• 16 min

Today we’re talking about psychedelic drugs and their potential use as medicine. A new study looked at whether small doses of MDMA, better known by street names like ecstasy and molly, can help treat post-traumatic stress disorder. Some researchers are calling prescription psychedelics, paired with professional talk therapy, the breakthrough they’ve been waiting for. We got fascinating insights about the latest study from its lead scientist, Doctor Jennifer Mitchell. She’s a neurology professor at UC San Francisco.  But first, we’ll hear from Scott Ostrom, a Marine veteran who took part in the study. He says he struggled with PTSD for more than a decade after coming home from Iraq and that the MDMA treatments helped in ways other therapies had not. This episode is brought to you by (Listen for the discount code) and Get ad-free episodes by becoming an insider:   

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