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Biden’s Big Speech, New Mask Guidelines & ‘Real ID’ Delayed Again- Wednesday, April 28th, 2021

• 12 min

The news to know for Wednesday, April 28th, 2021! We'll tell you about: President Biden's plan that could lead to more tax audits what else the president is expected to talk about during his big speech to Congress tonight the CDC easing up on some guidance: what it now says about wearing masks outdoors a new vaccine ad featuring Republican doctors one of the first credit cards to let you get rewards in cryptocurrency which athletes is on the rookie card that just tied an all-time sales record Those stories and more in about 10 minutes!  Head to to read more about any of the stories mentioned under the section titled 'Episodes' or see sources below... This episode is brought to you by (Listen for the discount code) and Get ad-free episodes and support the show by becoming an INSIDER:            Sources: Biden’s First Address to Congress: NY Times, WSJ, Reuters, NBC News $15 Minimum Wage for Federal Contractors: WSJ, NPR, Axios, AP, Reuters, White House New CDC Masking Guidelines: AP, WaPo, NY Times, CBS News, CDC Republican Vaccine Ad: The Hill, The Week, Bloomberg, Watch Ad Real ID Deadline Pushed Back: NBC News, CBS News, DHS Mastercard & Gemini Partner on Crypto Reward Credit Card: Business Insider, Reuters, Mastercard, Gemini Spotify Launches Paid Podcasts: TechCrunch, WSJ, Variety, Spotify LeBron Rookie Card Ties Record: ESPN, USA Today, CBS News, SI Japanese Man ‘Dating’ 35 Women Charged With Fraud: Japan Today, Newsweek, Tokyo Reporter Work Wednesday: Why Some Workers Are Quitting Their Jobs: NY Times, CNBC, Prudential

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