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New CDC Guidelines, ‘War on Nature’ & First Bitcoin Rewards- Thursday, December 3rd, 2020

• 13 min

The news to know for Thursday, December 3rd, 2020! We're talking about: a change in the CDC's guidelines about how long to quarantine if you're exposed to COVID-19 how the U.S. hit three more unfortunate coronavirus milestones the reason American diplomats were pulled out of Iraq new rules for emotional support animals on flights Visa backing the first-ever credit card to offer Bitcoin rewards UPS cracking down to deal with an overload of shipments this holiday season  All that and more in around 10 minutes... Head to to read more about our guest or any of the stories mentioned. This episode is brought to you by and CastleGrade (listen for how to get a discount) Support the show and become an INSIDER here:         Sources: CDC: Stay Home for More Holidays: AP, Politico, USA Today, CDC CDC Shortens Quarantine Time: FOX News, NBC News, NY Times, CDC New COVID-19 Daily Records: WaPo, CNN, The Hill, Johns Hopkins, COVID Tracking Trump Voter Fraud Video: WSJ, AP, NY Times, USA Today, Trump Post U.S. Diplomats Leaving Baghdad Embassy: WaPo, CNN, Politico UN: World Failing on Climate Goals: AP, USA Today, BBC, Axios, UN DOT Emotional Support Animals Rules: NBC News, Business Insider, FOX News, DOT New Bitcoin Rewards Visa: Business Insider, CNBC, Bloomberg, Bitcoin Rewards Card UPS Shipping Limits: WSJ, USPS, FedEx, UPS Lebron James Contract Extension: WaPo, AP, ESPN National Christmas Tree Lighting: WaPo,, Thing to Know Thursday: Replacing Top Lawmakers: AP, NY Times, CNN, Vox

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