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Vaccine 90% Effective, Obamacare’s Future & Hyperloop Human Test- Tuesday, November 10th, 2020

• 12 min

The news to know for Tuesday, November 10th, 2020! We have updates about: promising results from one COVID-19 vaccine and how officials say this could be a turning point in the pandemic new lawsuits from the Trump campaign that challenge the results of the election the U.S. Supreme Court weighing the future of Obamacare a milestone for a futuristic transportation system two athletes defying the odds and breaking barriers Those stories and more in just 10 minutes! Head to under the section titled 'Episodes' to read more about any of the stories mentioned or see sources below... This episode is brought to you by and Thanks to The NewsWorthy INSIDERS for your support! Become one here:        Sources: Pfizer Vaccine is 90% Effective: NY Times, AP, WaPo, Stat, Pfizer FDA Authorizes Antibody Treatment: Reuters, CNN, NBC News, FDA Biden Names Coronavirus Task Force: NPR, CNBC, USA Today, FOX News Trump Election Challenges Cont: WSJ, The Hill, AP, FOX News Sen. McConnell Defends Trump: Politico, Axios, Reuters DOJ Election Crimes Chief Resigns: NBC News, CNN, NPR Trump Fires Mark Esper: AP, NY Times, WaPo, Reuters, Trump Tweet Supreme Court Hearing Obamacare Case: AP, FOX News, NBC News, NY Times Virgin Hyperloop Transports Passengers: Axios, USA Today, Engadget, Virgin Apple’s “One More Thing” Event: USA Today, Engadget, Cnet, Watch Event Live Woman Makes History in El Capitan Climb: NBC News, ABC News, NY Times, Instagram Man with Down Syndrome Finishes Iron Man Race: CBS News, Fox News, CNN

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