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New Debate Rules, More Direct Payments? & Harvest Moon - Thursday, October 1st, 2020

• 11 min

The news to know for Thursday, October 1st, 2020! We're talking about: how the rules might change for the next presidential debates and whether the candidates plan to be there the discussion over more direct payments for Americans: where relief talks on Capitol Hill stand now why the U.S. government is taking on one of the largest producers of palm oil the NFL postponing a football game Google's latest launches, including a "hold for me" feature when and how to catch the so-called Harvest Moon right next to Mars All that and more in just 10 minutes Head to to read more about our guest or any of the stories mentioned. This episode is brought to you by (listen for how to get a discount) Want to advertise/sponsor our show? Please email for more information. Thanks to The NewsWorthy Insiders! Become one here:         Sources: Debates Commission to Issue New Rules: CBS News, AP, Reuters, Axios, NY Times Biden, Trump Campaign in Midwest: AP, WaPo Coronavirus Relief Talks: AP, CBS News, CNBC, Reuters Airlines Prepare Job Cuts: CNN, WaPo, AP, Bloomberg, WSJ U.S. Blocks Palm Oil Producer: AP, CNN, Reuters 4th Person Killed in CA Wildfire: AP, CNN, Reuters, CBS Sacramento, Cal Fire, CA Diversity Quotas: LA Times, WSJ, USA Today NFL Postpones Titans Game: NY Times, AP, NFL NFL Threatens Suspensions for Maskless Sideline Personnel: AP, ESPN, USA Today Google’s Pixel Event: The Verge, Engadget, Cnet, Pixel, Nest Audio First Muslim Superhero Cast: Deadline, Hollywood Reporter, Gizmodo AC/DC Announces a Reunion:USA Today,AC/DC,Rolling Stone,Fox News, People Harvest Moon and Mars on Display: NASA,, EarthSky, MLive, Forbes Thing to Know Thursday: Real ID: DHS, Chicago Sun Times

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