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Special Edition: TikTok Influencer’s Take + Analyzing a Deal

• 15 min

For a second week in a row: the Chinese-owned social media app, TikTok, faces a possible ban in the U.S., starting midnight on Sunday.  President Trump says the app poses a national security risk without an agreement with American companies, but the Chinese government may not be on board with the deal currently in-the-works. Today, you’ll hear from two people: a TikTok influencer who relies on the app to make a living, as well as a cybersecurity expert who helps analyze what, if anything, a possible deal with American companies could change for data security. This episode is brought to you by Listen for how to get a discount. Be sure to tune-in again each weekday (M-F) for our regular episodes to get quick, unbiased news roundups in 10 minutes! 

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