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Hurricane Sally, Life on Venus? & Hip Hop Auction- Tuesday, September 15th, 2020

• 10 min

The news to know for Tuesday, September 15th, 2020! We have updates about: the path of Hurricane Sally as it moves toward the gulf coast how wildfires are now impacting the race for president a unique signing ceremony at the White House new evidence young children can spread COVID-19 astronomers finding signs of life on Venus Walmart launching a new subscription service a first-of-its-kind auction featuring items from rap legends Those stories and more in just 10 minutes! Head to under the section titled 'Episodes' to read more about any of the stories mentioned or see sources below... This episode is brought to you by Thanks to The NewsWorthy INSIDERS for your support! Become one here:        Sources: Hurricane Sally Intensifies: AP, NBC News, CBS News, ABC News, Axios, NOAA, NHC Trump, Biden Clash on Climate Change: AP, Reuters, WSJ, LA Times, Politico, White House Western Wildfires Latest: WSJ, SFGate. LA Times, NY Times, Air Quality Index CDC: Kids Can Spread COVID-19: NBC News, Forbes, Axios, CDC Dems Investigate Trump Admin Interfering with CDC: Politico, WaPo, The Hill, CNBC, CBS News Israel, UAE to Sign Deal Today: AP, The Hill, BBC, Jerusalem Post, Al Jazeera UN General Assembly Begins: United Nations, Agenda  Signs of Life on Venus: NBC News, CBS News, Reuters, NASA, Full Study Surfer Sets New World Record: The Atlantic, CNN, Guinness World Records, Watch the Record-Breaker Walmart+ Launches: AP, NBC News, TechRadar, Walmart Amazon Hiring 100k New Workers: AP, WSJ, Amazon Sotheby’s Hip Hop Auction: Mashable, CNN, Sotheby’s

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