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Promises to Defund Police, NYC Reopening & NFL Reversal - Monday, June 8th, 2020

• 10 min

The news to know for Monday, June 8th, 2020! What to know about the effort to “defund the police.” Why some protesters have made that their rallying cry and which cities’ leaders are now answering their call. We’ll explain perspectives from both sides of what’s become a national debate. Also, which countries seem to be doing worse, and much better, in dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. Plus, the NFL commissioner’s reversal, Reddit’s co-founder resigns, and a decade-old hidden treasure discovered. Those stories and more in 10 minutes!  This episode is brought to you by Go to or use promo code 'newsworthy'      Sources: Disbanding Minneapolis PD: AP, KMSP, Minneapolis Star Tribune NY Police Funding: NY Times, The Hill, Business Insider LA Police Funding: LA Times, Newsweek, AP “Defund the Police”: Vox, WSJ, AP, Bloomberg Dems' Police Accountability Legislation: AP, ABC News, USA Today, Reuters George Floyd Memorial: Houston Chronicle, KHOU, NY Times Weekend Protest Wrap-Up: AP, WaPo, FOX News, WUSA, Tweet World Reaches 400,000 Virus Deaths: AP, CNN, Johns Hopkins NYC Reopening: NY Times, AMNY, NY Post Biden Secures Democratic Nomination: NPR, Forbes, CNN, Republicans Endorse Biden: NY Times, CBS News, Reuters Yelp Search for Black-Owned Businesses: The Verge, Yelp Reddit Co-Founder Resigns: Alexis Ohanian, TechCrunch NFL Commissioner Admits Mistakes: CBS News, ESPN, CNN, NFL, Tweet Conor McGregor Retires… Again: CNN, AP Treasure Chest Found in the Rockies: ABC News, The Guardian Monday Monday: Billionaires Cash in During Pandemic: CNN, Institute for Policy Studies

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