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Six Days of Protests, Historic Launch Successful & Bike Sales Boom- Monday, June 1st, 2020

• 10 min

The news to know for Monday, June 1st, 2020! What to know about mass protests across the U.S. We’ve seen everything from violent confrontations to unexpected signs of solidarity. Also, there’s an update to the case that sparked it all. Plus, what happened at the historic rocket launch, returning to college sports, and who’s buying bikes at an unprecedented pace. Those stories and more in 10 minutes!  This episode is brought to you by       Sources: Nationwide Protests and Riots: AP, Axios, CNN, WaPo Police Violence: NBC News, The Verge News Crews Arrested & Injured: USA Today, AP, Axios NYPD SUV Drives Into Crowd: CBS News, USA Today Atlanta Police Officers Fired: AJC, AP, FOX News Some Police Officers Protest Too: ABC News, Forbes President Trump Threatened: NY Times, CNN Extremists, Disinformation in Protests: AP, Minneapolis Star Tribune, NBC News, CNN Trump Designates Antifa a Terror Group: NY Times, NBC News, Axios, Tweet Derek Chauvin Arrested: Minneapolis Star Tribune, NY Times Floyd’s Family Reats: CNN, KHOU, FOX News Protests Set off Virus Fears: NY Times, AP Case Count, Death Toll: Johns Hopkins U.S. Cuts Ties with WHO: Politico, CNN SpaceX Launch Successful: CNN, The Verge, CBS News, WSJ Major Retailers Close During Protests: USA Today, ABC News, Barron’s, AP Amazon Altering Deliveries: USA Today, Target Major Brands Back Protests: Axios, YouTube Bike Sales Soar During Pandemic: CBS News, NY Times, NPD Group NCAA Athletes Return Today: SI, CNN, ESPN MLB/Players Deal Deadline: Draft Kings, NBC Sports, NBC Sports Tweet Monday Monday - Cheaper Student Loans: CNN

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