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States Ignore Benchmarks, “Smart City” Scrapped & New Banksy Surprise- Friday, May 8th, 2020

• 10 min

The news to know for Friday, May 8th, 2020!  What to know today about the latest states working to reopen and what the White House is saying about the original benchmarks being ignored. And two very different, controversial legal cases are causing an uproar around the country. Plus, new ridesharing rules, a reality show on Twitch, and a Banksy painting with a purpose. Those stories and more in less than 10 minutes! Head to or see sources below to read more about any of the stories mentioned today. This episode is brought to you by and Become a NewsWorthy INSIDER! Learn more at       Sources: More States Reopening: AP, LA Times, CNN, CNN, Business Insider Record Job Losses: USA Today, WSJ Trump Personal Valet Tests Positive: Reuters, Politico DOJ Dropping Flynn Case: WaPo, WSJ, Axios, CBS News Murder Charges in Ahmaud Arbery Shooting: NBC News, ABC News Run in Honor of Arbery: People, CNN Potentially Historic May Weather NY Times, FOX News, WaPo Airlines See Some Improvement: USA Today, CNBC ‘Smart City’ Project Abandoned: BBC, VentureBeat Lyft’s New Rules: TechCrunch, Mashable, Lyft Twitch Reality Shows: Bloomberg Banksy Honors Healthcare Workers: CNN,  BBC Mother’s Day Sunday: Restaurant Deals, Flower Deals, Last-Minute Gifts Feel Good Friday - Wedding Turned Food Drive: Newsday, WNBC

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