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Relaxing Restrictions, Low-Cost Ventilators & New iPhone (+ Talking Treatments & Testing) - Thursday, April 16th, 2020

• 18 min

The news to know for Thursday, April 16th, 2020! What to know today about President Trump’s expected announcement involving plans to reopen some states. Also, a new report about China’s government explains how just six days could have made a difference in this pandemic. Plus, we’re talking about a new planet, a new iPhone and a new role for Lyft drivers... Those stories and more in less than 10 minutes! Then, hang out after the news for Thing to Know Thursday's bonus interview about COVID-19 treatments and testing with a doctor on the frontlines of the fight. Head to to read more about any of the stories mentioned in this episode or see the sources below. This episode is brought to you by Thanks to The NewsWorthy Insiders! Become one here:       Sources: Trump Guidelines for Reopening: CNN, CNBC CDC Director Guidance: Reuters, GMA More Testing Needed: NYT, WSJ, WaPo COVID-19 Cases/Death Toll: Johns Hopkins Face Coverings Exec. Orders: Maryland Gov, New York Gov WHO Reacts to Funding Cuts: Axios, Bloomberg, Reuters Leaders Condemn Cuts: AMA Pompeo Defends Trump: Fox News China Warning Delay: AP Warren Endorses Biden & VP Considerations: AP, WaPo, NBC News New Planet Discovered: TechCrunch, Engagdet, CNN FDA Approves Low-Cost Ventilator: University of Minnesota, TechCrunch Lyft Essential Deliveries: TechCrunch, Fast Company, Press Release Apple Unveils new iPhone: The Verge, AP Apple Maps Tracks Social Distancing: CNBC, Press Release, Website, TechCrunch Gates Foundation Grants: Business Insider, Gates Foundation Harry and Meghan Donation: NBC News, Fox News

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