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Tequila talks with Casey Hartle, CEO titanium tequila & Former MMA fighter/boxer

• 39 min

We all have a story to tell- And a good tequila story is always noted with curiosity and satisfaction. - - - - Meet my friend, Casey Hartle, CEO of Titanium Tequila, Former MMA fighter/boxer and just an awesome dude who has worked his ass off. - - Mad respect for this.- - -enjoy our laid-back convo on  “all-the-moving-parts” to a Tequila Company - - and yeah --  we talk about the worm and mezcal (Tequila’s smokie sister) - - Casey is uber active with his two beautiful young daughters as well as in the Houston, Texas community giving his time and efforts to help feed the homeless and contribute to various other projects Website: https://www.titaniumtequila.com/home Follow on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/titanium_tequila/ Follow on Facebook: https://www.instagram.com/titanium_tequila/

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