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Roaming the streets for Houston’s ONLY Legal Rum Distillery?! Look no further! Let’s take a peek inside the multi-faceted mind of Ian Mook, Owner of Grateful Dan Distillery [Candy for Adults!]

• 43 min

Ian Mook owns Houston’s first and only Rum Distillery.  His dream began as a kid to have a factory [influenced by the movie Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory]  LOL! He now makes candy for adults #Rum Listen to this ingenious ‘artist’ who creates the highest quality [small batch] rum made my hand from infused organic ingredients. Ian shares failures and success; his love of working on vintage cars. He talks about prohibition and so much more! “Grateful Dane is a distillery; described as the perfect blend of art and industry.” Cheers to the holidays! Rent out this kickass distillery for your next fun private event! Also, Rum-Tours are available gratefuldanedistilling.com Ian also shares some quick special Rum recipes!

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