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Legends 26: Living Fossils

• 27 min

Some of the most frightening—and fascinating—stories in folklore are all about living remnants from the distant past. Let’s go hunting, shall we? Narrated and produced by Aaron Mahnke, with writing by Harry Marks and research by Cassandra de Alba.   Lore Resources:  Episode Music: lorepodcast.com/music  Episode Sources: lorepodcast.com/sources  All the shows from Grim & Mild: www.grimandmild.com Sponsors: Acorns: Acorns helps you automatically save & invest for your future. Head to acorns.com/lore to sign up for Acorns to start saving and investing for your future today! Stamps: Never go to the Post Office again. Get a 4-week trial, free postage, and a digital scale at Stamps.com/LORE. Skylight Frame: Share your memories with the ones that matter most. Get 15% off your purchase of a Skylight Frame when you go to SkylightFrame.com/LORE. To report a concern regarding a radio-style, non-Aaron ad in this episode, reach out to ads@lorepodcast.com with the name of the company or organization so we can look into it. ———— To advertise on our podcast, please reach out to sales@advertisecast.com, or visit our listing here. ———— ©2024 Aaron Mahnke. All rights reserved.

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