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Legends 20: Food & Folklore

• 32 min

Food and folklore. They go together like peanut butter and chocolate, or arsenic and lace. Throughout history, cultures around the world have paired the favorite meals with specific rituals, cooking up some amazing stories in the process. Narrated and produced by Aaron Mahnke, with writing by Aaron Mahnke and Harry Marks and research by Alex Robinson.   Sponsors: Stamps: Never go to the Post Office again. Get a 4-week trial, free postage, and a digital scale at Stamps.com/LORE. Mint Mobile: For a limited time, wireless plans from Mint Mobile are $15 a month when you purchase a 3-month plan with UNLIMITED talk, text and data at MintMobile.com/lore. Squarespace: Head to Squarespace.com/lore to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain using the code LORE. Lore Resources:  Episode Music: lorepodcast.com/music  Episode Sources: lorepodcast.com/sources  All the shows from Grim & Mild: www.grimandmild.com ©2024 Aaron Mahnke. All rights reserved.

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