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Lore 243: Surprise

• 26 min

The court of public opinion has always been a place where lives can be boosted or ruined. But centuries ago, it could also lead to darker results—even death. Written and produced by Aaron Mahnke, with research by Allie Steed and music by Chad Lawson. ———————— Lore Resources:  Episode Music: lorepodcast.com/music  Episode Sources: lorepodcast.com/sources  All the shows from Grim & Mild: www.grimandmild.com ———————— This episode of Lore was sponsored by: Stamps: Never go to the Post Office again. Get a 4-week trial, free postage, and a digital scale at Stamps.com/LORE. Factor: Skip the stress of meal prepping over the holidays with Factor. Head to FactorMeals.com/LORE50 and use code LORE50 to get 50% off. To advertise on our podcast, please reach out to sales@advertisecast.com, or visit our listing here.   ©2023 Aaron Mahnke. All rights reserved.

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