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Legends 8: Pirate Legends

• 29 min

Few occupations created more legendary tales than piracy. From adventure to treasure, everything seems dripping in blood and lore. Narrated and produced by Aaron Mahnke, with writing by Harry Marks and research by Cassandra de Alba. ———————— This episode of Lore was sponsored by: BetterHelp: Lore is sponsored by BetterHelp. Give online therapy a try at BetterHelp.com/LORE, and get on your way to being your best self. Liquid I.V.: The #1 Powdered Hydration Brand in America is now available in Sugar-Free. Get 20% off when you go to LiquidIV.com, and use code LORE at checkout. KiwiCo: Redefine learning with play—explore hands-on projects that build creative confidence and problem-solving skills with KiwiCo! Get 50% off your first month, plus FREE shipping on ANY crate line at kiwico.com/LORE. ———————— Lore Resources:  Episode Music: lorepodcast.com/music  Episode Sources: lorepodcast.com/sources  All the shows from Grim & Mild: www.grimandmild.com ©2023 Aaron Mahnke. All rights reserved.

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