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IAP 270: Celebrating St. Joseph Altars: The History, Recipes, and Symbols of a New Orleans Tradition, with Special Guest Sandra Scalise Juneau

• 60 min

Buona festa di San Giuseppe, everyone! This week’s episode takes us to New Orleans, where our guest, Sandra Scalise Juneau, introduces us to Louisiana’s very special commemoration of one of Italian America’s most beloved holidays… St. Joseph’s Day! Sandra is the author of “Celebrating with St. Joseph Altars: The History, Recipes, and Symbols of a New Orleans Tradition,” which tells the story of how these altars came into being, why the New Orleans Italian community is so dedicated to honoring St. Joseph, and how this Italian American devotion continues to grow and evolve in Louisiana and throughout the United States. We’ll examine Louisiana’s unique Sicilian American community and look at the origins of their devotion to St. Joseph as protector of the family… from medieval famines to Hurricane Katrina. We’ll also look at the many culinary traditions that make up a Saint Joseph’s Table… from cuccidati, the fig-filled Sicilian cookies, to Pasta con le Sarde, to the elaborate sculptural breads that adorn altars (and some other unique places) in so many St. Joseph’s Day celebrations. We’re learning the hows, whos, and whys behind this time-honored devotion, so join us as we celebrate St. Joseph’s Day in the Big Easy with this week’s episode! This episode is sponsored by Mediaset Italia. --- Support this podcast:

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