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IAP 248: Textiles, Tailoring, and Tradition with Special Guest Salvatore Giardina

• 60 min

When it comes to fashion, the phrase “MADE IN ITALY” evokes excellence in every step of the process.  From the world’s most luxurious textiles to cutting-edge technologies in manufacturing, to the unparalleled sense of design that Italy has shared with the world for millennia, every aspect of the clothes we wear is defined by Italian ingenuity and taste. In this week’s episode, we sit down with master tailor and textile expert Salvatore Giardina, as he brings his more than 30 years of experience to a look at the future of Italian style, materials, and innovation in an increasingly complex industry. Salvatore shares the ins and outs of the Italian fashion industry, including the particularities of textiles and the often subtle differences between disposable clothing and the best thing you’ll ever hang in your closet. We’ll also explore how and why Italian textiles like wool, cotton, silk, and denim, are considered the best in the world, and how the technologies and training coming out of Italy might help us to avoid the immense damage that the recent trend of “fast fashion” has begun to cause in our global fight against pollution. If you have a passion for Italian fashion, or just want to learn more about the clothes you wear each day, you won’t want to miss this fascinating episode! --- Support this podcast:

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