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IAP 242: Join the My Italy Movement with Special Guest Nikki Taylor of La Dolce Vita Lifestyle Magazine

• 55 min

“What does Italy mean to you?” For those of us who think about Italy and our Italianness on a daily basis, it's a question that can force the mind into an exhausting array of mental gymnastics. To this week’s guest, Nikki Taylor of La Dolce Vita Lifestyle Magazine, it's the question she is asking the entire world to answer! The Australian Italophile behind the uplifting #MyItaly2022 social media campaign joins us to talk about her efforts to spread love for Italy, and all things Italian, in a time when the country needs it most. Nikki and her team want to urge people to remember what Italy means to them, to remind us all that Italy is back in business, and that Italy needs our support to give the country and its people a much-needed boost. We discuss the #MyItaly2022 campaign and why it is important for people to remember what they love about Italy in a post-pandemic world. We also examine how the country is slowly bouncing back, from new tourist “hot spots” to tried-and-true destinations that people continue to flock to year after year. Nikki will share her professional insights into Italy’s current property market, and why “digital nomads” are rushing to make “il Bel Paese” their new home office destination, and why learning Italian is still the best way for people to truly discover all that Italy has to offer. Join us as we celebrate Italy’s latest renaissance, and set out to lend our voices to this worthwhile effort, and hopefully, figure out what exactly Italy means to us! This episode is sponsored by Mediaset Italia.

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