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IAP 241: Draghi Departed: What's Next for Italy with Special Guest Umberto Mucci

• 53 min

On Thursday July 21, 2022, Mario Draghi, Italy’s technocratic Prime Minister, resigned from his role as Head of Government. With Italy facing a summer of unprecedented heatwaves, fires, draught, inflation, war on the continent, gas shortages, and the lingering effects of COVID shutdowns, the departure of this highly-regarded European technocrat has sent shockwaves across Italy and the world.  And now, polling across Italy suggests that one of the more likely candidates to succeed him is Giorgia Meloni, a relatively untested politician representing “Fratelli d’Italia”… Italy’s Post-Fascist party. With such unprecedented circumstances, and much at stake, we’re calling on our good friend Umberto Mucci of “We the Italians” to explore what might lay ahead for Italy now that Draghi has begun to wind down his mandate, and what the impending elections in late September might really bring. We will discuss Italy’s complex mechanisms for electing the office of Prime Minister, and how it has changed in recent years. We’ll also explore the issues that led to the collapse of Italy’s much-heralded “unity government” and what comes next for the parties and politicians involved in its downfall. We’ll examine Mario Draghi’s role on the world stage, what his ouster means for Italy and the European Union, and learn more about the rising star of Giorgia Meloni and her Far Right party. Be sure to join us as we seek to answer your questions about this pivotal moment in modern Italian history!

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