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IAP 240: Italian American Lawyers Never Lose Their Appeal!: A Conversation With The National Italian American Bar Association

• 60 min

In modern America, countless thousands of Italian American women and men practice every imaginable discipline of the law.  However, not so long ago, a vowel on the end of one’s surname was likely a barrier to entry to most of the nation’s elite law schools and most important law firms.  What exactly changed to allow so many of our fellow Italian Americans to proudly bear the title of Esquire? Perhaps, the National Italian American Bar Association (NIABA) had something to do with it? On this week’s episode of the Italian American Podcast, we’re joined by two of that organization's dynamic leaders, NIABA President Fran Donnarumma and Chair of the Board Cristina Carabetta, to discuss the history of Italian Americans in the legal profession, and find out how we went from “Italians Need Not Apply” to some of the most respected jurists and litigators in the nation. We get to know these two Italian American legal leaders on a more personal level… to understand why Fran was initially reluctant to take part in an Italian American Bar Association, and how Crisitina’s invention "The Betta Bag" ( brought her “Fine Italian Hand” to solving an issue that plagues many professional women… the search for the perfect business bag. We’ll explore the history of NIABA, and examine why Italian American lawyers can still find real value in an ethnic Bar Association.  Plus, we’ll hear some of the more comical stories that have come out of the nearly 40-year existence of this proud organization. If you, or someone you love, is an Italian American lawyer, make sure to join in and share this unique episode! --- Support this podcast:

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