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IAP 238: Joe Avati On Why Laughter Is the Best Medicine... Unless You've Got the Malocchio! (Part 2)

• 51 min

When we scored an interview with famed Italo-Australian comedian Joe Avati, we figured we would be lucky to get 45 minutes with the man many credit with creating a worldwide Italian comedy revolution. In fact, we ended up spending two hours in deep discussion with the man known around the world as the “Italian Seinfeld!" On this week’s episode of the Italian American Podcast, we’re bringing you Part 2 of this fascinating discussion, commercial-free, and picking up right where last week’s episode left off with an exploration of “Cancel Culture” in the comedy world, and why Italian stereotyping might be one of the last acceptable subjects of ethnic humor. Plus, we’ll look at whether or not there is some truth to the cliches that are oftentimes associated with our community, why many of us feel so connected to our Italian roots even when we are generations removed from our immigrant ancestors, American “assimilation” versus Australian “integration," and why Italian identity appeals so deeply to the many varied peoples who have a stake in it. We’ll share some laughs exploring the relationship between Italians and Greeks, and why so many of us root for Italy against our own countries when the World Cup rolls around! If you enjoyed Part 1 of this impassioned interview, you won’t want to miss the thoughtful conclusion of our afternoon with the one-and-only Joe Avati! For more information on Joe's North American tour, click here! --- Support this podcast:

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