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IAP 236: A Special Priest, A Special Feast: Monsignor Jamie Gigantiello and Brooklyn's Festa del Giglio

• 60 min

It’s said that Heaven touches Brooklyn, New York, every July… and if you know Brooklyn like we do, then you know that celestial poke occurs at the famed Festa del Giglio at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish, and you also know the passionate pastor there! This week we sit down with the one-and-only Monsignor Jamie Gigantiello who, beyond his job as the spiritual father of one of the nation's most important Italian parishes, also serves as the vicar of development for the Diocese of Brooklyn, as well as chaplain for the New York City Fire Department.  Msgr. Jamie is a familiar face to those of us in the New York City area, since in his “spare time” he hosts his long-running cooking show, “Breaking Bread," and is the author of a forthcoming cookbook of the same name! Msgr. Jamie will share details of his 10 years of experience working in hospitality before receiving the call to the priesthood, his thoughts on why traditional Italian Sunday dinners are a cornerstone of civilization, what the current state of Catholic education means to our nation, and why the kitchen table and the altar table have so much to do with one another. Of course, we can’t have Msgr. Jamie on air without asking him about Brooklyn’s world-renowned Giglio Feast, which takes place this year from July 6-17. He shares the history of the feast’s origins from Nola, Campania to its various iterations in New York City and beyond, and explains why this particular event is a “must see” bucket list location for all Italian Americans! Get ready to start planning your road trip to Brooklyn as we give you an insider's look at the history and happenings behind an event that’s near and dear to our Italian American hearts! For more information about the Brooklyn Giglio feast, visit

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