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IAP 234: Are You Committing Crimes Against Italian Food? Examining Italy's Culinary Commandments

• 56 min

Are you guilty of crimes against Italian food? A recent YouGov survey that polled 20,000 people across 17 different countries decided that Italian cuisine was the most beloved on earth… but also established a list of alleged "Italian Food Crimes" that might trip up even the most passionate Italian American, let alone the first-time visitor to "il Bel Paese." Some of the worst offenders list will read like a familiar set of “Culinary Commandments” for those who know Italy well… putting pasta in cold water before bringing it to boil, serving pasta as a side, cutting long pasta with a knife, adding cheese to a fish dish, or (gasp) drinking cappuccino after a meal! Yet others might surprise even the most accepting pallette… Do we really need to reiterate that ketchup on pasta is a crime against humanity, and serving pineapple on pizza an inexcusable abuse of the world's most beloved food? We’re going to unpack these results and provide our own take on how and why these offenses even exist. We’re also going to discuss what we think are the worst Italian food crimes, and which alleged crimes really aren’t so bad after all. Get ready as we serve up a new take on the cuisine we all know and love in this week’s episode of the Italian American Podcast!

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