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IAP 223: Celebrating the Festa della Donna with Special Guests Vanessa Racci and Lena Prima

• 43 min

We’re kicking off the month of March, known as Women’s History Month, by catching up with two very talented Italian American women behind a much anticipated event happening this weekend in honor of International Women’s Day. This week’s guests, Vanessa Racci and Lena Prima, are the producer and headliner of the fourth-annual “Festa della Donna," a variety show celebrating Italian American females in the arts. Taking place virtually this coming Sunday, March 6, at 6 p.m., EST, Festa della Donna features Lena and Vanessa, as well as comediennes Tara Cannistraci and Regina DeCicco, and medium Tessa DelZoppo. Lena and Vanessa share their experiences as women in the performing arts field, from trying to gain a foothold in their chosen professions, to their experiences with ageism and imposter syndrome, and how their experiences have helped shape them on both the personal and professional level. They also share their thoughts about the timelessness of music and how it truly provides the soundtrack to our lives, as well as a celebration of our incredible culture. Podcast listeners can enter the code FestaDella at checkout on for $5 off the admission to this special event! Join us as we celebrate the Festa della Donna with two extraordinary Italian American women!

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