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IAP 214: Christmas Special 2021

• 61 min

It’s almost time to say “Buon Natale,” as Christmas is right around the corner! Since this is the final episode before the Feast of the Seven Fishes and Christmas arrive in earnest, we’re sending you into the holiday in style with our annual Italian American Podcast Christmas Special! In what has become a nice little tradition here at the Italian American Podcast, some of our Podcast famiglia are gathering together right before the holiday madness begins to reflect on our favorite traditions, share recipes, unwind Christmas mysteries, and figure out exactly which designer panettone is really worth the price! As we explore our most beloved Christmas memories and reflect on what traditions are important to each of us, you’ll be taken back into the recesses of your own joyous Natale recollections, and learn a thing or two about what makes an Italian American Christmas so special! Remember, you and yours can listen along with us to six-plus hours of uninterrupted, never repeated, and carefully curated Italian and Italian American Christmas classics by visiting our one-of-a-kind Yule Pot Playlist at We hope these songs are ringing through your home come Christmas Eve and that you and yours enjoy a healthy, safe, and BUON NATALE!

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