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IAP 181: That's Alotta Zeppole: Is St. Joseph's Day the Hottest Trend in Italian America?

• 58 min

For many Italian American families, St. Joseph’s Day is one of the most beloved holidays of the year.  However, since our earliest immigrations to these shores, it’s also been a holiday that has seemed a bit under the radar! The celebrations and traditions surrounding this event vary based on where our Italian ancestors came from, and the scale and scope of St. Joseph’s Day observances by Italian American communities around the country has been something of a mixed bag.  And, of course, coming two days after our Irish American friends’ annual St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, St. Joseph’s Day may be a decidedly less national affair. Perhaps the winds of change were blowing a little stronger this March 19th?  Is it just us, or has anyone else noticed a LOT more posts about #SaintJosephsDay, #Zeppole, and #Sfingi making their way into the Italian American social media space this year? We’re asking the question on this week’s episode, because we’ve noticed more photos and fanfare about the holiday than ever before! We’re joined by Mary Grace Castiello, second-generation owner and baker at Giorgio’s Pastry Shop in Hoboken, New Jersey, and our pal, Anthony Scillia, better known as “Tony Mangia” of the “At The Table With Tony Podcast,” to dig into the history and traditions around what we think is fast becoming the preeminent holiday in Italian America; and we're asking why celebrating St. Joseph’s Day (and indulging in a Zeppola or five) just might be the hottest new trend in Italian America!

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