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IAP 177: The Mysteries of Carnevale in Venezia with Special Guest Anita Sanseverino

• 56 min

For many visitors, the stereotypical image of Venice is, perhaps, the famed Venetian mask; but most casual observers are probably unaware of the fact that this postcard-perfect symbol has its roots in the centuries-old festivities that are the Carnevale of Venice. In this week’s episode, we’re joined by famed photographer and lecturer Anita Sanseverino, an expert in all things Italian, with a special place in her heart for Venice and her annual pre-Lenten revelries. Anita will take us through the history and mystery of Venice’s Carnevale, from its roots in the rigid society of ancient Venice, to its modern iteration as a global tourist event. She’ll reveal the history of the masks and costumes, explain the roots of these unique celebrations, and share her very own experiences from more than 20 years of celebrating Venice’s annual Carnevale. And, for those who have always dreamed of joining in on this incomparable event, she’ll share her insider tips on the easiest way to plan your very own dream trip to next year’s Carnevale in Venice. As we begin the somber season of Lent, this is an episode that will bring you all the joys of Martedì Grasso, with none of the guilt! Click here to learn more about Anita Sanseverino. Visit Venezia Unica to learn more about the City of Venice. This episode is sponsored by Mediaset Italia.

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