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Florencia Ramirez



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Why a HOW TO EAT LESS WATER podcast? In this first episode I share with you how I came to move my water conservation from the shower after selling 80K shower timers to the kitchen.   Every drought we are told to focus on the water we can see like the water from our sprinkler heads, our showers, and water hose. Those actions are important but a drop in the bucket in comparison to the water stored in our refrigerators and pantries. Seven out of every 10 gallons of water is used to grow and produce our food and we each eat on average between 500-1300 gallons of virtual water everyday. I understood if I was going to be the most effective at saving water I had to move out of the shower and into the kitchen.    Can I as an individual eater make a difference on water systems around the world? I took my question directly to farmers and food producers around the nation, traveling the distance of 16,000 miles. What I learned I wrote in the pages of my book EAT LESS WATER:THE SOLUTION TO WATER SHORTAGES IS IN THE KITCHEN. I speak to groups of all sizes, deliver food workshops, host events, have found myself on radio and television, and always I get the same set of questions: What should I buy? Where should I shop? What are the things I should be doing in my kitchen to eat less water?    So this podcast is answering those question.   What you can expect from this podcast:   A place that provides good simple information around living more sustainably that's easy to digest and can be implemented the same day.Each podcast will be 7 to 10 minutes long on Monday and Wednesday. And every once in a while, I'll have a guest on to share inspiring stories to get us thinking differently, provide useful information, and to cross-pollinate ideas. This podcast takes on the big problems we face like water scarcity, and climate change and breaks it down into small action tips that you and I can integrate into our lives simply and easily because the reality is our plates are already full. I'm going to show you over the course of this podcast how to implement change piece by piece with actions that don't cost a lot of money and in fact, will save you $$ time. And the best part is you will discover like me, that to be on this path to grow well-being increases the joy in your own life because you are part of the solution.   Links and resources:   Receive 15% off your next purchase at the EAT LESS WATER shopFollow me on Instagram: @eatless more about me and what I do, check out my website.  Make sure you hit SUBSCRIBE so you don’t miss out on future episodes released every Monday and (water) Wednesday.

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