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How to Invest in Timberland Like the Top 1%

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Owning raw land, timberland, and farmland is often the domain of the wealthy. This is partly because it is difficult to obtain loans for this property. Today, we discuss an income-producing timberland that also tends to increase in value. For under $7,000 you can own quarter-acre parcels of producing teak trees in Panama and Nicaragua. You can invest yourself. All at once, this provides diversification with a hard asset in a foreign nation and a different product type. Over a twenty-five year period, each $7K quarter-acre teak parcel is projected to return $94K. You get title to the property. Learn more at: With ownership of two quarter-acre parcels, you can qualify for a second residency in Panama for under $22K with legal fees, etc. A SFR does not grow into a duplex. But teak trees grow in volume while its unit price typically appreciates. Teak price growth is historically 5.5% annually. I’ve met the company CEO and Chairman in-person. This provider has offered this opportunity for 24+ years. They’ve recently added a sawmill, increasing profits. What are the risks of teak tree investing? Disease, pests, fire, geopolitics and more. They are proven mitigation plans. In-person teak tours for prospective investors are offered. Trees grow through recessions, COVID, market cycles, and Fed rate decisions. Learn more about teak tree investing at: Timestamps: Welcome to Get Rich Education (00:00:01) Keith Weinhold introduces the podcast and emphasizes the importance of real estate and financial information. The US economy and land ownership (00:01:44) Keith discusses the strength of the US economy and the importance of diverse and resilient real estate portfolios. America's top 100 landowners (00:02:29) Keith talks about the largest landowners in America and the reasons why land ownership is often associated with the wealthy. Investing like a billionaire (00:05:32) Keith introduces the topic of investing in producing land and the benefits of owning producing land. Introduction to ECI Development (00:06:21) Keith introduces Michael Cobb and discusses the company's projects in Latin America. Marriott resort project in Belize (00:07:08) Mike talks about the construction of a Marriott resort in Ambergris Key, Belize, and the challenges of financing such projects. Development and tourism in Belize (00:08:37) Michael Cobb discusses the development and popularity of Ambergris Key, Belize, and the involvement of major hotel brands. Teak tree parcels investment (00:11:30) Michael Cobb explains the investment opportunity in quarter-acre teak tree parcels and the generational wealth stewardship associated with it. Reasons for teak investing (00:14:05) Michael Cobb discusses the reasons why people are interested in teak investing, including hard asset diversification and international residency opportunities. Cash flow cycles and teak investment (00:16:42) Michael Cobb explains the 25-year cash flow cycle associated with teak investments and the generational income potential. Optimal growing conditions for teak (00:19:26) Michael Cobb discusses the optimal growing conditions for teak and the physical growth of the trees. [End of segment] Teak Plantation Locations and Growth (00:19:42) Discussion on the optimal locations for teak growth and the historical track record of teak price growth. Teak Price Growth and Business Plan (00:20:44) The historical 55% annual increase in the value of teak and the business plan's conservative approach to teak price growth. Physical Properties and Residency Opportunities (00:21:33) The value of teak and the opportunities for achieving residency in Panama by owning teak. Residency and Citizenship (00:24:33) Differentiating between residency and citizenship in Panama and the process and benefits of obtaining permanent residency. Sawmill and Value-Added Component (00:27:56) The integration of a sawmill into the

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