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Why Does Bitcoin Have Any Value?

• 48 min

Learn the pros and cons of bitcoin, the world’s largest cryptocurrency. Bitcoin can be moved well across space and time. You can’t move dollars over time due to inflation; you can’t  move gold over space due to weight and security concerns. Real estate, bitcoin, and gold are all scarce and take real-world resources to produce. Bitcoin is a global digital currency that’s decentralized. Nick Giambruno joins us to discuss why bitcoin has value today.  Since there can only be 21 million bitcoin, it cannot be debased like dollars are. By April, bitcoin will experience a halving. Rather than 900 new bitcoins brought into issuance daily, there will be 450.  The SEC’s recent Spot EFT approval will give more investors bitcoin access. The higher the stock-to-flow ratio, the harder the asset.  What about governments shutting down bitcoin, regulating it, or taxing it to death? We discuss. Bitcoin price volatility is a problem in currency adoption. Lots of energy is used in bitcoin mining. But much of it is stranded energy. Bitcoin cannot produce income. Keith Weinhold stresses his preferred way to hold bitcoin. Timestamps: Bitcoin's value proposition (00:00:01) Keith Weinhold introduces the topic of Bitcoin's value and why it is relevant to a real estate show. Jamie Dimon's criticism of Bitcoin (00:05:27) JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon expresses his disdain for Bitcoin and blockchain technology in a heated conversation. Bitcoin's resistance to debasement (00:07:19) Keith Weinhold discusses the resistance of Bitcoin to debasement and the skepticism of governments and financial institutions towards it. The origin and value of Bitcoin (00:08:18) Nick Giambruno, an international investor, explains the history and value proposition of Bitcoin, emphasizing its decentralization and resistance to debasement. Bitcoin's hardness and production rate (00:14:21) Nick Giambruno delves into the concept of Bitcoin's hardness and its production requirements, comparing it to other assets like gold and real estate. Bitcoin's upcoming halving event (00:16:28) Nick Giambruno discusses the significance of Bitcoin's upcoming halving event, which will impact its stock-to-flow ratio and reinforce its value proposition. Bitcoin's scarcity (00:19:42) Bitcoin's limited supply and its unique scarcity attribute, compared to other commodities like gold. Upcoming halving event and Bitcoin ETF approval (00:20:53) Discussion on the significance of the upcoming halving event and the approval of a new spot for Bitcoin ETF, indicating the growing acceptance of Bitcoin. Bitcoin as a currency and value proposition (00:22:42) The value of Bitcoin as a currency for transferring value and its resistance to debasement, emphasizing the importance of self-custody of Bitcoin. Global adoption of Bitcoin (00:24:30) Comparison of Bitcoin adoption in different nations, highlighting the potential benefits for early adopters and the impact of Bitcoin on the world's financial landscape. Bitcoin's market potential and investment consideration (00:27:27) The potential market share of Bitcoin in the global economy and the consideration of Bitcoin as an investment asset. Government's ability to regulate Bitcoin (00:34:11) Discussion on the government's potential regulation and taxation of Bitcoin, emphasizing the power of economic incentives and Bitcoin's resilience to government intervention. Bitcoin's uniqueness and credibility (00:36:12) Differentiating Bitcoin from other cryptocurrencies, highlighting its credibility and resistance to change, making it the real innovation in the crypto space. Bitcoin as a Store of Value (00:37:55) Discussion on Bitcoin's role as a store of value and its comparison to gold. Bitcoin as an Emerging Form of Money (00:38:25) Explanation of Bitcoin as an emerging form of money and its distinction from established money like gold. Bitcoin's Transaction Network and the Lightning Network (00:39:37) Expla

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