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Should We Eliminate the Property Tax? Featuring Tom Wheelwright

• 40 min

California is strengthening protections for tenants. I discuss. It’s already a disadvantageous state for real estate investors.  My Property Manager had my tenant’s $1,550 rent payment stolen from his drop box last year. He expects me to take the loss. I won’t. Who is liable for the payment - the thief, bank, tenant, manager, or the investor (me)? Tom Wheelwright, CEO of WealthAbility, joins me. We discuss the role of property tax in funding essential services.  The conversation touches on the regressive nature of property tax, alternatives to it, and the importance of understanding tax strategies. US taxes of all types keep ratcheting higher over time. But they’re still lower than most world nations.  The episode also considers the impact of elections on tax policies, emphasizing the need for informed voting regarding taxation. You need a tax professional that knows how to find you all the deductions for real estate investors here: Timestamps: Landlord-Tenant Relationships (00:00:00) Discussion on landlord-tenant relationships, stolen rent payment, and potential elimination of property tax. New Renter Protections in California (00:02:30) Overview of new laws in California regarding upfront deposit amounts, eviction protections, and banning of crime-free housing policies. Options for Homeowners in California (00:03:50) Details about new housing laws in California, including more options for accessory dwelling units and their impact on the housing crisis. Stolen Rent Payment Dilemma (00:05:53) Narrative about a stolen rent payment, liability concerns, and the property manager's proposed resolution. Feasibility of Eliminating Property Tax (00:13:45) Discussion on the possibility of abolishing property tax and its funding of schools, fire departments, and police services. Property Tax Funding (00:18:37) Insights into the funding of property tax and its allocation to schools, fire departments, and police services. Property Tax and Its Impact (00:19:37) Discussion on the challenges and implications of property tax as a wealth tax and its regressive nature. National Property Tax Rates (00:20:40) Exploration of the national average property tax rate and its impact on property value and inflation. Proposition 13 in California (00:21:34) Analysis of the impact and benefits of Proposition 13 in California, which limits property tax increases for homeowners staying in the same home. Alternatives to Property Tax (00:23:27) Exploration of alternative taxation methods, such as transaction tax and the potential elimination of property tax in favor of a transaction tax. Primary Residence Capital Gains Tax Exemption (00:25:16) Insights into the primary residence capital gains tax exemption and its impact on homeowners, including the need for inflation adjustments. Future Taxation Trends (00:27:24) Discussion on the potential for heavier taxation and comparisons with taxation policies in other countries. Potential New Tax Types (00:29:16) Exploration of the possibility of new tax types, including the concept of a poll tax and its implications. Value Added Tax and Tax Reduction Strategies (00:31:17) Insights into the potential implementation of a value-added tax in the United States and strategies for tax reduction through understanding the tax code. Selecting the Right Tax Advisor (00:33:00) Advice on choosing a qualified CPA and the importance of having a knowledgeable tax advisor for effective tax planning. Election Year and Taxation Policies (00:34:54) Analysis of the potential impact of the upcoming election on taxation policies and the importance of considering tax implications when voting. Property Tax and School Funding (end) Perspective on property tax funding for schools and the broader community impact, addressing objections to paying property tax. Property Tax (00:37:07) Discussion on the controversial nature of property tax and its impact on property

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