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How to Avoid Living Below Your Means and Leverage Debt

• 36 min

Join our live, virtual event for Alabama income properties tomorrow at: Learn a lesson from a story about when I was a landlord. My neighbor was a fourplex owner-occupant, just like me. We built a fence together. He told me that he can’t wait to get his building paid off. Don’t pay down your mortgage debt. In most cases, you can invest those dollars elsewhere for a higher return. I discuss two things build wealth: 1) Leverage. 2) Borrowing against your assets, tax-free. You don’t have substantial equity in your properties because you paid them down. You have substantial equity because its value has appreciated. Today, you can report tenant rent payments to the credit reporting agencies. Alabama has low property prices and the nation’s 2nd-lowest property taxes. GRE Investment Coach, Aundrea Newbern, MBA, joins me.  Join our live event for Alabama income properties Tuesday, January 16th at 8 PM Eastern. The provider is offering 5.99% interest rates and 3% PM fees on your first three properties. Sign up now at: Timestamps: The introduction (00:00:01) Keith Weinhold introduces the podcast and mentions the topics to be covered, including lessons from being a landlord, a formula for wealth, and a focus on a lucrative property market. Keith's early real estate experience (00:02:46) Keith shares his early experience as a landlord, comparing notes with another landlord and discussing their strategies for living for free in their fourplexes. Debt mindset and wealth building (00:05:30) Keith discusses his divergent mindset from his fellow landlord, emphasizing the importance of leveraging debt for wealth building and portfolio expansion. The power of leverage and portfolio growth (00:10:08) Keith explains how he leveraged equity to expand his real estate portfolio, emphasizing the benefits of using accumulated equity to acquire more properties. Real estate market diversification (00:11:22) Keith advocates for buying properties across different states and markets to access better deals and maximize portfolio growth. Tenant management and credit reporting (00:13:42) Keith shares tips on tenant management, including the option to report rent payments to credit bureaus to incentivize timely payments and manage tenant relations. Financial perspectives and real estate strategies (00:16:12) Keith discusses contrasting financial perspectives with a CFO friend, highlighting the benefits of leveraging debt for real estate investments. Market pulse and expense control (00:20:26) Andrea discusses the market pulse for income properties, focusing on the Southeast region, and addresses the trends in controlling investors' expenses, particularly related to insurance rates. Conclusion and invitation (00:22:02) Keith and Andrea conclude the segment by discussing the migration trends in the Southeast and the importance of controlling expenses for real estate investors. Lower Property Management Costs (00:22:55) Discussion on the stabilization and decrease of property management costs due to technology and institutional investment money. Investment Timing and Market Trends (00:25:01) Encouragement for investors to take advantage of the current market conditions, including interest rates, prices, and inventory. Alabama Market and Incentives (00:28:24) Details about the Alabama market, including low property prices and incentives such as the 333 property management fee and 5.99% interest rate. Live Event and Registration (00:32:33) Information on how to register for the live virtual event to learn about the Alabama market and have questions answered in real time. Final Encouragement and Event Promotion (00:33:27) Encouragement to attend the live event to learn about the Alabama market and connect with an investment coach. Resources mentioned: Show Page: Join our live, virtual event for Alabama income properti

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