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Interest Rates Will Go Much Higher, According to Experts with Jim Rogers

• 37 min

Get our newsletter free here or text “GRE” to 66866. Higher interest rates are cracking the economy—failing banks and failing commercial RE loans. With many expecting rates to go much higher, what else will break? Keith Weinhold, the host of the Get Rich Education podcast, discusses the current state of interest rates and their potential future trajectory.  Jim Rogers, legendary investor with an estimated $300M net worth, returns. He shares his insights on interest rates and inflation.  We discuss the impact of inflation on various asset classes, including real estate, and the potential for higher interest rates in the future.  The conversation also touches on topics such as agricultural real estate, the oil market, central bank digital currencies, and the role of gold and bitcoin as alternative forms of wealth storage.  Overall, the episode provides valuable insights into the current economic landscape and its implications for investors. Title [00:01:56] Introduction and overview of the current state of interest rates and market distortions. Title [00:05:03] Discussion on the unpredictability of interest rate predictions and the acknowledgment of inflation by Jerome Powell. Title [00:08:28] Explanation of the historical trend of interest rates, the recent rise in rates, and predictions for future rate movements. Title [00:12:09] Jim Rogers on Borrowing Money and Interest Rates Discussion on the benefits of borrowing money at low interest rates and the prediction of interest rates going higher. Title [00:14:27] Jerome Powell and the Possibility of a Soft Landing Questioning whether Jerome Powell can raise interest rates enough to control inflation without causing an economic crash. Title [00:18:41] Inflation, Interest Rates, and Real Estate Exploring the impact of inflation and interest rates on real estate investments and the potential risks for property owners. Topic 1: Agricultural Real Estate [00:22:21] Discussion on the opportunities in agricultural real estate due to erratic weather patterns and reduced yields in various crops. Topic 2: Oil Market [00:24:16] Conversation about the current state of the oil market, the decline in known reserves, and the potential for higher energy prices. Topic 3: Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) [00:26:04] Exploration of the proliferation of CBDCs and the implications of a digital currency controlled by central authorities, including potential restrictions on spending and increased government control. Title [00:32:06] History of Money and Gold Standard Discussion on the different forms of money throughout history and the transition from silver to gold as the basis for the US currency. Title [00:32:47] The Diminishing Value of the Dollar The prediction that the value of the dollar will continue to diminish over time and the suggestion to invest in real estate instead of saving in dollars. Title [00:33:33] Invest in What You Know Advice for investors to only invest in what they know about and not rely on advice from others, emphasizing the importance of knowledge and understanding in investment decisions. Resources mentioned: Show Notes: Get mortgage loans for investment property: or call 855-74-RIDGE  or e-mail: Find cash-flowing Jacksonville property at: Invest with Freedom Family Investments. You get paid first: Text ‘FAMILY’ to 66866 Will you please leave a review for the show? I’d be grateful. Search “how to leave an Apple Podcasts review”  Top Properties & Providers: Best Financial Education: Get our wealth-building newsletter free— text ‘GRE’ to 66866 Our YouTube Channel: Follow us on Instagram: @getricheducation Keith’s personal Instagram: @keithweinhold   Complete episode transcript:   Speaker 1 (00:00

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