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Why a Housing Crash is 100% Certain - with Keith Weinhold and Ken McElroy

• 59 min

Get our newsletter free here or text “GRE” to 66866. Are you curious about the direction of rents and property prices?  In this episode of Get Rich Education, host Keith Weinhold dives into the absolute 100% certainty of a housing crash and how mortgage rates affect home prices.  Keith is interviewed by Ken McElroy. He also shares the importance of real estate in reducing taxes and increasing income.  Keith discusses the attractive pricing and inflation in Ohio, and the benefits of investing in new build properties.  He even touches on the increasing gold purchases by central banks and the potential impact on personal finances.  Don't miss out on these valuable insights and learn about the prospects for a housing crash. Tune in now! Title [00:01:37] Advertisement for Freedom Family Investments An advertisement for Freedom Family Investments and the benefits of investing in real estate. Title [00:02:00] Introduction to Get Rich Education Keith White introduces the podcast episode and talks about the longevity and popularity of the show. Title [00:03:54] Real Estate Price Gains Since the Start of the Pandemic Keith White discusses the cumulative home price appreciation in different regions since February 2020. Title [00:12:33] Discussion on the attractiveness of real estate pricing and the impact on renters. Title [00:15:08] Keith's personal experience of starting with a fourplex and the concept of house hacking. Title [00:19:38] Exploring the house hack model as a solution to affordability issues and leveraging other people's money for real estate investment. Title [00:22:12] Investing Out of State The speaker discusses the benefits of investing in real estate out of state and the importance of choosing the right market and team. Title [00:24:58] Importance of Prioritizing Market and Team The speaker emphasizes the importance of prioritizing the market and team before considering the property in real estate investing. Title [00:27:19] Supply Crash vs Price Crash The speaker explains the significance of the housing supply crash that occurred in April 2020 and how it affects property prices and homelessness. Title [00:31:51] Inflation Measurement Challenges Discussion on the difficulty of accurately measuring inflation due to various factors such as personal preferences and hedonic adjustments. Title [00:34:05] Housing's Impact on Inflation and Interest Rates Exploration of the significant contribution of housing to the Consumer Price Index (CPI) and its implications for future interest rate changes. Title [00:35:38] Paradox of Rising Mortgage Rates and Home Prices Explanation of the counterintuitive relationship between rising mortgage rates and increasing home prices, with historical data supporting this trend. Title [00:42:28] Advantages of Investing in New Build Properties Discussion on why it makes more sense now to look at new build properties than in the recent past. Title [00:43:49] Feasibility of Building vs Buying in Different Markets Comparison of the cost per unit for acquiring existing properties versus building new ones in different markets. Title [00:46:28] Turnkey Rental Properties and Scarcity as an Investment Theme Exploration of the concept of turnkey rental properties and the importance of investing in scarce assets like real estate, gold, and bitcoin. Topic 1: Central banks buying gold [00:51:38] Discussion on how central banks are buying gold as a way to store value and hedge against the inflation and debasement of the US dollar. Topic 2: Increasing geopolitical uncertainty and gold [00:52:36] Exploration of how geopolitical events, such as trade agreements and conflicts, have led to increased uncertainty and a rise in the price of gold. Topic 3: Reasons why home prices won't crash [00:56:46] Explanation of several reasons why home prices are unlikely to crash, including a shortage of homes, strict lending guidelines, government intervention

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