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Your Questions Answered: Overleveraged, House Hack vs. Turnkey, Hyperinflation

• 32 min

Keith Weinhold answers listener questions about real estate investing.  He advises listeners on how many properties they need to own to become a millionaire, how to invest $40,000 to reach a $100,000 down payment for a rental property, and how to find the best future real estate markets.  Keith emphasizes the importance of positive cash flow, avoiding over-leveraging, and owning properties in multiple job growth markets and states.  He also discusses the potential for hyperinflation and the benefits of owning real assets to combat inflation.  Keith encourages listeners to leave a rating and review for the podcast and consult with professionals for individualized advice. **Taylor's question [00:01:07]** How many properties must I own to become a millionaire? Keith explains that it depends on the profitability of the properties, how much they go up in value, and how much rent is charged.  **Mitrel's question [00:05:04]** Should I invest my $40,000 in the stock market to reach my $100,000 down payment goal for a rental property? Keith advises on risk tolerance and suggests alternative options such as I bonds. **Kevin's question [00:09:08]** What are the forward-looking indicators to find the best future real estate markets? Keith talks about the prospect of hyperinflation and provides insights on finding the best real estate markets. **Forward Looking Indicators for Real Estate Markets [00:09:16]** Keith answers Kevin's question about selecting MSAs with forward-looking indicators, including population growth, employment, and upcoming government infrastructure projects. **Sponsor Ads [00:15:45]** Keith thanks Ridge Lending Group, JWB Real Estate Capital, and Mid-South Home Buyers for sponsoring the show. **House Hacking in Southern California [00:18:03]** Keith advises Connor on whether to invest in an out-of-state rental or house hack in Southern California, considering high real estate prices, tax rates, and tenant protection laws. **Real Estate Financing Options [00:19:03]** Keith discusses financing options for single-family homes and fourplexes, including FHA and VA loans, and the advantages and disadvantages of house hacking in Southern California versus investing out-of-state. **Hyperinflation and the US Economy [00:21:40]** Keith addresses a listener's question about the possibility of hyperinflation in the US economy, defining hyperinflation and discussing the factors that contribute to it, including a nation's debt and foreign demand for its currency. **Leverage in Real Estate Investing [00:25:00]** Keith answers a listener's question about being over-leveraged in real estate investing, explaining the risks of taking on too much debt and emphasizing the importance of buying properties that are cash flow positive. **Real Estate Investing Strategies [00:28:00]** Keith explains how to avoid over-leveraging and how to project positive cash flow from day one. **Benefits of High Leverage [00:29:09]** Keith explains how high leverage can help you build wealth faster and why it's best to finance your properties. **Encouragement to Leave a Podcast Review [00:30:07]** Keith encourages listeners to leave a podcast review and explains how it helps the show reach more people. **Disclaimer [00:31:32]** A disclaimer is given that nothing on the show should be considered specific personal or professional advice. Resources mentioned:  Show Notes: I-Bonds: Get mortgage loans for investment property: or call 855-74-RIDGE  or e-mail: Find cash-flowing Jacksonville property at: Will you please leave a review for the show? I’d be grateful. Search “how to leave an Apple Podcasts review”  Top Properties & Providers: Best Financial Education: Get our wealth-building newsletter free—tex

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