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Encore - 1004- You Never Know When God Will Move Acts 10_3

• 5 min

Welcome back to the Follower of One podcast. I'm Mike Henry Sr., and we do a devotional each workday where we challenge ourselves to live our faith in some way that makes Jesus visible in our workplaces.    Today, I want to talk about Acts 10:3, and I'm stealing this from Mark Batterson in his book, Draw the Circle.   I would like to encourage you to consider getting that book. It's a great book. It's based on the Circle Maker, which is another book that he wrote both about praying circles around our problems until God does something with them. We pray until something happens. Pray as long as it takes.    On day 13 of Draw the Circle, he actually talks about one day. Acts chapter 10, verse 3 from the New American Standard, says, "About the ninth hour of the day, he clearly saw in a vision an angel of God who had just come in and said to him, Cornelius."   Cornelius was a centurion, of the Italian cohort. So, he was based in Rome. He was a devout man. He feared God. It says in verse two and he prayed to God continually, but on some odd day, one day at about three o'clock in the afternoon, he clearly got a vision. An angel of God had just come and said to him, "Cornelius." He'd called his name.   What's happening here is that Cornelius will send some people to Peter. Peter will also experience a vision. And this is the way that the gospel was first given to the Gentiles rather miraculous event, or rather miraculous series of events. Actually, that took place just one day at three o'clock in the afternoon, about the ninth hour of the day, Cornelius got this vision.    Maybe there's something that you've been praying for about your work or a relationship with Jesus, or about how you interact with the people in your workplace. And you've been praying about that for a long time. I want to encourage you to pray one more day. We never know which day it is.   We never know what day and what time God will do what God is going to do. And I'm speaking to myself as I often do. As I pray for things around Follower of One or about, other activities going on in our family and in the lives of our kids and grandkids and my relatives and other people that I know.   I never know when it's the one day. I never know when it's time. God keeps it that way. This isn't about us knowing what God's going to do. It isn't about us, being there at the right moment. This is about us being followers of Jesus, constantly asking, seeking, and knocking. It says here that he was praying.   Cornelius was praying to God continually in verse two. We need to be searching for God, continually. And today I want to encourage you in your workplace search for God continually. Don't give up. Go one more day. We can all go one more day. We can all make one more prayer. We can all purpose in our hearts to wait a little longer, to be patient a little better.   Everyone who knows me knows that I am not the guy saying this to you. I'm saying this to me. This is for me. I want to learn to wait. I want to trust God, because one day at about three o'clock in the afternoon, he will do what he will do. In the meantime, it doesn't mean that we keep doing the same things over and over again, expecting our actions to bring about a different result. It does mean that we continue pursuing God; chasing after him, listening to his ideas and his suggestions, the things that he prompts into our mind that put us on his mission.   And I want to challenge you today. Let God direct you and let's be patient. Let's ask one more day. Let's wait a little longer. And let's trust God a little more.

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