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Encore - 999 - Your Attitude Can Be Your Armor - 1 Peter 4:1

• 5 min

Hey, it's Mike Henry with Follower of One, and for the next couple of episodes I'd like to talk about 1 Peter 4. The first four verses of 1 Peter 4. The first verse says, "Therefore, since Christ has suffered in the flesh arm yourselves also with the same purpose, because he who has suffered in the flesh has ceased from sin."   That's from the New American standard. That's kind of my default translation. Our attitude matters and our expectations matter. Accurate expectations are like armor. I always joke when I play golf that the secret to happiness in golf is to maintain low expectations. And in a way, some people may interpret this passage as Peter telling everyone expect things to be bad.   I'm not exactly sure that's the message here. So yes, clearly the phrase opens. Therefore, since Christ has suffered in the flesh arm yourselves also with the same purpose, Jesus suffered and died. And this word suffering is clearly about that. He's talking about how Jesus suffered and his suffering brought about death.   But if we can arm ourselves with the same purpose, We can prepare ourselves. We have armor. We have this armor that comes from God. Is the armor what you might call pessimism or planning for the worst? I don't believe so. I believe the best is what we're looking for. The best happens to be something other than what we see and feel and think in our own minds.   I believe our world is much more broken. Then we like to admit, especially when I use the term, we as those of us in the western world who have enough money, much of the people of our brothers and sisters around the globe are not as well off and they're not as wealthy as the people of America are. Poor people in America are wealthy by most nations standards, but this suffering that he's talking about here results in death.   We will die. Prepared to die. That's a different story. How can we prepare to die? We can't prepare pessimistically to die and not, in my mind, I think my preparation for death must extend beyond it. It must extend to the resurrection, and I believe that's what Peter's saying here. If we can see past the worst that can happen to us on this planet, in this life.   Then we are free to cease from sin. He will go on and explain that phrase a little more in the next verse, and we'll talk about that tomorrow. Today I want to keep this short and simple. Let's arm ourselves with the purpose of Jesus Christ. That purpose is to follow him, be like him, and do what he said.   We will die. Death is inevitable for each and every one of us. But we can arm ourselves with the preparation that there's a life beyond that death and that life calls us to serve Jesus now and through everything that happens to us. I hope that you get this message and that I get this message that by preparing myself for all of the worst things that can happen, I'm focusing on what Jesus would have me do in spite of my situation.   In spite of the suffering, Jesus is calling me to a life that extends beyond our circumstances and to beyond this life. And I want to go there. I want to be armed for that, to serve alongside Jesus and to make a difference in his world. Today, I hope you prepare yourself not for misery and agony and difficulty, but for whatever happens, knowing that you, your life extends beyond your circumstances.   I want to focus beyond my circumstances today. I arm myself with the purpose that Jesus had. I get to serve other people regardless of what happens today so that he might become glorified. Thanks so much for being a marketplace minister, and thank you for intentionally trying to live your faith to make a difference in the lives of the people that you meet every day.

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