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Creating Marketplace Impact with Jim Lapinski and Tom Nohelty

• 21 min

Jim Lapinski and Tom Nohelty are two men who sought to share their faith in their workplace, both seeking to make an impact for God’s kingdom by completely surrendering. Their obedience led to the creation of Marketplace Impact.  Jim and Tom join me in this episode of Follower of One to share more about their global ministry and how they’re working to equip Christians to share their faith every day of their lives. Their like-minded approach to ministry is one of the reasons their course is becoming part of the Follower of One resource library. Don’t miss it! You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in... Learn how Jim and Tom connected [0:49]  The mission of Marketplace Impact: Living on Purpose [4:12] Creating marketplace impact by being obedient [9:18]  Making “Foundations” easily accessible worldwide [11:31]  What’s next for Marketplace Impact? [18:29]  Resources & People Mentioned Marketplace Impact Marketplace Impact on LinkedIn Friend on Facebook Connect with Jim Lapinksi and Tom Nohelty Connect with Jim on LinkedIn Connect with Tom on LinkedIn Subscribe to Follower of One: A Faith at Work Podcast Audio Production and Show Notes by - PODCAST FAST TRACK

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