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893 Heirs of God Part 1 Debtors To The Spirit - Romans 8:12

• 5 min

What does it mean to be in debt?   "So then, brothers, we are debtors, not to the flesh, to live according to the flesh." Romans 8:12   Paul is reminding believers that we're in debt, but not to our flesh. The verses that follow show that we're in debt to God, or the Spirit. We don't owe our flesh anything. It hasn't done anything for us. We're told in 1 Corinthians 9:27 that we discipline our flesh. We need to tame it, not the other way around.   Our debt is to the Spirit. We work for God. We're his servants. I keep coming back to an idea that we work for God. The Spirit is the one giving us direction. He's our manager. We're obligated to do what he says.   For the next few episodes, I want to talk about how we're heirs with Jesus. We will inherit the universe. It begins by remembering that we're debtors, but to God, not to the flesh. Let's live like we know to whom we belong. Because we have been saved, we're free to love others and do what God wants. If you find yourself thinking about what you can't do, tell your brain to change it's tune. Let's consider what we can do and do it. We're free, not to do whatever our flesh wants, but to do whatever God has for us. How will you live in light of the idea that you're not in debt to the flesh?   Please also check out our Marketplace Mission Trip workbook. This is a 6-week discussion guide for a group to consider how we can live on mission with Jesus. You can get a copy at Get a few copies and take your small group through this study over the next few weeks. Or if your group normally takes the summer off, get some copies and plan to do this over the summer.

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