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887 Celebrate the Victory - 1 Corinthians 15-57

• 5 min

Is your life a celebration of what God has done for you? "But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ." 1 Corinthians 15:57 To wrap up this chapter and these last few day's episodes, Paul almost concludes his thought in this verse. Thanks be to God. He didn't leave us dead. He came and made a perfect way for us to be restored. He gives us victory, but victory over what? Well, he talks about that in the verses above this. Sin results in death. In verse 54, he says that Death is swallowed up in victory." Jesus is the key to God's restoring all of creation to himself. It's a battle. Victory has been declared. But you and I still must battle. Our will and our flesh have been captured by the enemy. Our spirit must choose life. As we choose to follow Jesus, we are saved. We instantly become part of his strategy to save others. All of this is God working to protect our freedom of choice and still save who ever wants to spend eternity with God. Our only response is to live in thanks. What does that look like for us today? Let's go out of our way today to live like we know God is in charge. That doesn't mean we break the law or blow off work. We serve others. We go beyond what is expected of us so we might convince others about the possibility of the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. Maybe you need to purchase treats for the office today. Or maybe you can send someone a text message and just ask how they're doing. It all matters. God uses everything we do and he rewards those of us who join him. Today is the last Friday before our next Marketplace Mission Trip starts. Head over to and join us as we invest a little energy over 2 weeks where we invite our spiritual life to invade the rest of our life. Click the link and join the community and then join the Mission Trip. Bring a friend, too!

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