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881 A Place for My Opinions - Proverbs 18-2

• 5 min

Are you quick to develop and share your opinions? A fool takes no pleasure in understanding, but only in expressing his opinion. Proverbs 18:2 ESV This is like part 2 to our previous episode. I need to memorize this verse, too. In some of the older translations, it says "but only in revealing his own mind," (NASB) or "disclosing what is on his mind," (NET). Today, let's listen to what we say. How much of what we say is sharing our opinion? I am convicted as I record this. We have an opportunity today to live like we follow Jesus. That's the only chance we have of integrating our faith and work. We don't make more of Jesus at work by talking about him. We show others we follow him by obeying his word and doing what he says. Will you take this to heart? I hope I do. What we do because we follow Jesus matters. How can I delight in understanding more today? Well I can listen more. I can ask others to give me more detail. "Tell me more," or "What else?" Practice it. Try to use those phrases more. If you talk with me today, count the number of times I say it and if it's zero, tell me. Let's get better at listening to others instead of sharing our own opinions. God's in charge. He can make things happen. We simply need to trust him. Why not join us in a community where we can work on this more? Check out and join us. And please share this podcast with others. Think about the improvements that will happen in your workplace, if just one person, you, begins to listen more and appreciate others more.

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