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848 Praying to Our Father - Matthew 6:9

• 5 min

How often do you pray? Do you think about prayer much?   Matthew 6:9 (ESV) - "Pray then like this: 'Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name."   Today we're starting a Marketplace Mission Trip. And the first of our 5 Daily Habits in Follower of One is to pray. When we read Matthew 6, we find Jesus talking about prayer and in verse 9, he starts one of the most-repeated prayers. Notice how Jesus starts at the beginning, praying to Our Father.   This is a universal prayer, so we all have the same Father. That, by itself may cause you to live differently today. Every person you interact with is your brother or sister. They may not hold your political beliefs. They may have a different idea how to worship our Father. They may not speak the same language. They may be in a different place than you in wealth, experience, resources, etc. You may look down your nose or look up at them. But they're your brother or sister.   This is convicting to me. If they're breathing, they're loved by God and he's their Father. As you think about that, how will you work today? How will you do your tasks? How will you pay attention to them, or treat them? How will you act when the other person is as loved by God as you are?   Let's let God transform us. Remember he's our Father and he has a plan. We're to represent him in the workplace today. Punch in with the prayer, "Here I am" and let him put you to work on his agenda, in his kingdom for his eternity.  

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