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843 In That Day - John 16:23

• 5 min

What are you waiting for?   Don't we all wait for something? Or are you hoping for something?   In that day is a phrase of forecast, prophesy. Depending on your translation, Jesus uses it up to 5 times. In John 16:23 and 16:26 he uses it and he's encouraging the disciples. In that day we can ask anything of the Father. the Jews didn't go directly to God the Father. They needed an intermediary, a priest. But this day that Jesus is talking about will be a time when we can ask the Father anything in Jesus name and He will give it to us. We will have direct access to God.   What does this mean for us today? I want to go directly to God the Father all the time. I want to interact with God the Father and Jesus the Son. I want to learn what it means to be doing things "In Jesus' name."   When something doesn't happen, maybe I don't know Jesus well enough. Maybe I want something contrary to his will. "In that day," can be "now" for us. We aren't forced to go through a priest. But we do need to know what Jesus wants. Asking in His name means we are asking for things that align with his personality and will. This is about us knowing him, not guessing correctly, but knowing him so well, we're not guessing at all.   Today, in your workplace, ask God what he wants and be the change. Find ways to do what he wants right here, right now. We're not waiting for some day in the future. We can be the hands and feet of Jesus today.   Also, join us as we practice being what Jesus wants us to be in the workplace. Check out the Marketplace Mission Trip by joining our online community at   This was inspired by "Untroubled Relationship" the May 29 entry of My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers

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