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841 Withdraw To Pray - Luke 5:16

• 5 min

Do you prioritize prayer?   Notice how even when Jesus became very busy (vs. 15), that he still made time to pray. What about our faith are you too busy to do? Let God answer that for you.   Now, what will you do about it? Can you make time for God? Or are you in too big a hurry? We make God small by living like there are things we must do. We divide our lives and put Jesus in a box. Some of us keep him in the trunk like a spare tire. And we only pull him out when we have a flat.   Others of us use Jesus like a vending machine. We want it to stay nearby and fully stocked. And when we want something out of it, we put in a dollar and pull the lever.   Imagine what Your life looks like if you commit fully to God. Time with him comes first. Direction from him becomes your guidance. You have less time for the news and for self-help podcasts. You want to listen to him and his word more. What changes happen in your life as a result?   Lord, please forgive me because I get too busy to take time to listen to you. May I leave holes in my calendar and may I limit my busyness to have time to listen to you.

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