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840 Speaking Against Others who Follow Jesus - James 4:11

• 5 min

Do you ever feel like you need to tell someone something to help them correct an error in what they say or do?   I chose to add this to the end of the series on Pride vs. Humility. Our echo chambers may be our biggest enemies...   Have you ever noticed that in social media we can easily find people who agree with us and disagree with someone else? Have you noticed that much of what is "news" today is just someone saying what they thought about what someone else said or did?   I see many Christ-followers online who speak against other Christ-followers. I'm still thinking on this. Here's an article that disagrees with me:   But I wonder the degree of error that is in everything said about Christ. I wonder how much we look divided because we argue about such small things. As we each follow Jesus, some degree of error is to be expected. When people are seeking correction, then I want to present it. But if those people aren't seeking correction, I prefer to concentrate on Jesus.

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