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839 Pride Vs. Humility Part 4 - James 4:10

• 5 min

What causes you to be humble?   When I'm around someone who is clearly superior to me, I appreciate them more. And I also think I assess myself more accurately too.   Humility is accurately assessing my position and rank. If you or I stood next to a star athlete or someone in top physical condition, we see ourselves more accurately simply from the comparison.   Imagine standing next to God! When we come into the presence of the Lord, we will be humbled, for sure. Here is a great positive action we can take daily: humble ourselves. Let's ask God for an honest assessment. Let's ask him to show us what we need to know. In Psalm 51, the psalmist asks God to search him. And to test him. Do we have the courage to ask God to search us and test us. Can we ask Him to make us aware of what we really are? If we're honest, we won't find much reason for pride.   Let's keep our string going. Ask God to show you where you need work. Then submit to him. Take the actions he gives you. Maybe that action is to join our upcoming Marketplace Mission Trip. This is a 2-week exercise to practice living our faith in a positive way in front of our coworkers, customers, vendors and friends. To learn more go to and request an invitation.

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