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838 Pride Vs. Humility Part 3 - James 4:8-9

• 5 min

How far should our humility go?   When we draw near to him, he draws near to us, too. This is a great reminder. I've spoken before that this verse is behind our belief that ministry is just helping others move one notch closer to Jesus. Humility is remembering he is the source of our happiness and joy. It's not our actions and our efforts.   We talked yesterday about submitting to God and doing what he says. When we draw near, we can hear him. We can recognize his voice. He will lean in toward us when we lean in toward him.   In the rest of this passage, we're reminded that we're not as good as we think we are. I think these phrases go with the verse after this, which we'll talk about tomorrow. Today, let's remember that we're not what we think we are. Our humility should cause us to elevate Christ and lower ourselves. Let's not be so self focused, that we miss the benefits of being near to God.   Would you like to be part of a community who encourage one another to draw near to God? Check out Follower of One at

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